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Things to Do in Alghero


Nuraghe di Palmavera
4 Tours and Activities

A cluster of the island’s unique limestone edifices dating from between the Bronze and Iron ages, this 3,500-year-old Nuragic village is one of the most captivating megalithic sites in Sardinia. Tour the main towers and meeting hut to learn about the enigmatic Nuragic culture and its striking architecture.

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Necropolis of Anghelu Ruju (Necropoli di Anghelu Ruju)
3 Tours and Activities

One of the most important archaeological sites in Sardinia, this group of 38 burial chambers carved into the sandstone date from as far back as 4200 BC and are known as domus de janas, or “fairy houses.” Tour the site to see Neolithic engravings of bull’s horns, false doors, and other enigmatic designs.

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