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Things to Do in Piran

Terracotta-colored rooftops and brilliant white building facades line the streets of this picturesque city on the coast of Slovenia. Locals say this tiny town is among the nation’s most beautiful, and despite its small size, Piran is worthy of an entire day to explore.

Travelers can venture to Tartinijev, the oval-shaped town square, where white stones line the streets and a statue of a well-known violinist holds court over the lively public space. Architecture lovers will enjoy the square's oldest building, the Venetian House, which is known for its unique color as well as the inscription between the windows: ""Lassa pur dir,"" (""Let them talk"") which acted as a message from the Venetian merchant who had the house built for his mistress. 

The Sergej Masera Maritime Museum showcases exhibits that tell the story of Piran’s past, while the Church of St George stands as an impressive example of local religious architecture and offers impressive city and harbor views from atop the bell tower.
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