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Things to Do in Tulum


Grand Cenote (Gran Cenote)
44 Tours and Activities

The circular cavern, clear water, and colorful fish of the Grand Cenote (Gran Cenote) make it one of the top natural attractions in Mexico’s Riviera Maya. The natural pool is surrounded by a boardwalk where you can take photos in the light that filters from above before venturing into the water to swim, snorkel, or scuba dive.

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Mayan Ruins of Coba (Zona Arqueológica de Cobá)
426 Tours and Activities

In the heart of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula lie the ruins of Coba (Zona Arqueológica de Cobá), an ancient Maya city considered to be one of the most important settlements in Mesoamerican history. During its peak between AD 500 and 900, Coba housed 50,000 residents and was the central terminus for the complex Maya system of roadways. The jungle site is still being excavated, but visitors can experience the already discovered remains of thesesacbes, or stone causeways, as well as a number of engraved and sculpted monuments.

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Cenote Dos Ojos
48 Tours and Activities

Known as a top diving site in the Yucatan Peninsula, Cenote Dos Ojos (Two Eyes Cenote) boasts about 300 miles (483 kilometers) of connected underwater passageways, creating a natural cave system. Divers can explore its nearly 7,000-year-old caves and underground rivers. It also contains the deepest-known cave passage in Quintana Roo.

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Stretching along the banks of a coastal lagoon, the Maya ruins of Muyil are undeniably photogenic and less visited than the nearby sites of Tulum and Coba. Dominated by the steep-walled, 56-foot-tall (17-meter-tall) El Castillo, one of the region’s tallest pyramids, the Muyil ruins are an example of Peten architecture, similar to Tikal in Guatemala.

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Casa Cenote
25 Tours and Activities

Deep within a mangrove forest just 20 minutes from Tulum, Casa Cenote is a freshwater sinkhole perfect for paddle boarding, swimming, and snorkeling. Look out for freshwater fish such as guppies and platys; take a dip in the refreshingly cool water; and explore Casa Cenote’s numerous underwater caverns.

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Tankah Park
3 Tours and Activities

Tankah Park is an ecological adventure park set in the jungle near Tulum in Mexico’s Riviera Maya. Under lush trees and beside the crystal clear waters of cenotes, adrenaline-inducing activities such as zip lining and jungle trekking balance with relaxing canoeing, kayaking, swimming, and lounging. A visit to the park is a way to experience and interact with a variety of the natural landscapes of the area in one place.

The park sits above the Sac Actun underwater river system of the Yucatan Peninsula. The open-air cenote at Tankah is the largest in all of the Riviera Maya. It’s an adventure just to explore its fascinating rock formations and clear, turquoise waters. For the even more adventurous, the park’s two zip lines provide a unique perspective high above the trees and the water. There is also a local Mayan village to explore, with traditional crafts and clothing as well as refreshing traditional food and drink.

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